SPES-12L AP Light Plus naisten HEMA-takki 350N

AP Light Plus 350N was created on the basis of Women’s AP Light 350N and solutions used during the production of AP Plus 350N for ladies.

We recommend it for every lady who trains HEMA, regardless of the level of skills or advancement. It is very universal, which makes it a great base for completing full HEMA equipment.

This jacket has the so-called double closure. The front has a black trim. Blade catcher is attached to the collar, and on the back there is an adjustment belt. As in every women's jacket, the lower edge of the AP Light Plus is finished with slits at the back. Mounting points on elbows allow you to use additional overlays, e.g. Shell or PRO.

Like its archetype, AP Light Plus is made of 350N puncture resistant materials. Inside, there are pockets for additional foams (included in the set). You can modify the cushioning of the jacket at any time - add extra layers or get rid of them altogether. The choice is up to the user. The lining is made of 3D mesh.

AP Light Plus is a lightweight jacket with breathable layers like other jackets in the Light series. It provides a high level of mobility, so it will not restrict movement during exercise. You can be sure that the jacket will not change its position during training thanks to the possibility of adjusting to the body. The women's version of the AP Light Plus gives a wide range of modifications, thanks to which it will be perfect for both heavy and light HEMA training.

  • foams included in the set
  • low weight
  • double closure (velcro + zipper)
  • mounts for overlays, eg Shell on the elbows
  • improved details and filling as in other jackets from the PLUS series




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