SPES-05W Sidewings for shell elbows

Self assembly side wings for Shell elbows overlays, made in response to customer inquiries. Their appearance resembles the wings attached to the elbows in the historic plate armors. They belong to SPESLAB products, which means that it is a full-fledged, but prototype version of HEMA gear.

They work well during HEMA training, regardless of the intensity or gender of the user.

They are made of durable, graphite styrogum. They resemble the wings of a butterfly. They have two holes: wider for straps from Shell elbows, and smaller for rivets for mounting the wings on overlays.

Due to their design and the material from which they were made, after attaching them to the overlays, they can be formed into any shape. Depending on the needs, the side wings can be mounted on both the outer and inner sides of the elbows.

They are light, so they do not affect mobility during training.

  • mounting rivets included in the kit

How to mount HEMA side wings to "Shell" elbow overlays

  1. Place the wing on an elastic strap of your overlay (by pulling the strap through the opening) to mark a place for making a small hole
  2. Make a 4-5 mm hole in the marked place.
  3. Place the wing in the overlay again, passing the strap through the opening.
  4. Mount the side wing to the overlay with gaskets and rivets included in the kit
  5. Wings can be mounted on both sides of your overlay in the same way
  6. If needed, change the shape of side wings by curving their edges outside


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