42-900/A Weapon sack TYPTOP

This bag is used especially as an accessory bag and a competition bag. The arms and body wires travel agilely from one area to another. A strong fabric bag that can hold a large number of swords and accessories. Poor for carrying a helmet, but it can also fit in a bag. (It looks like an anaconda after eating an elephant.) Shoulder strap. A good solution for those who travel by bus, especially if the helmet goes in a different bag. Note that the bag can hold a rigid package measuring approx. 8x28x108 cm. When you put things in, give the bag a little in all directions, but if one direction stretches, the others will pile up at that point. Achilles heel of the bag is a zipper. It works smoother and lasts much longer if you occasionally rub paraffin on it's teeth. It doesn't mess with equipment. Use a candle or hard ski cream paraffin. TypTop Grande is bigger and can hold a helmet too.

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