b31-31/E Fencing washable glove BLUE/GREY PBT

These are the first 350 Newton resist tissue gloves on the market. Reinforced strength with comfort. Washable with velcro opening on the cuff. Availalbe in sizes 6 through 11.5.

Before you order, please check your size and measure based on the following sizing chart (click to enlarge):

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1 x 38-65 Sabre pommel
1 x 45-FA7 KIT FIE Three-Weapon scoring machine
1 x 45-FA7 KIT FIE Three-Weapon scoring machine with tower lights
1 x EFT2 - Electronic fencing target floor stand
1 x 45-SGLS Foil/Epée/Sabre Training machine
1 x 45-SGGY Foil/Epée Training machine
1 x RPF-T - Tournament Feder-longsword from Regenyei Peter
1 x 44-99/A Textile Practice target
1 x 37-631/C Cable plug, 2 pin
1 x Leon Paul additional strap for mask
1 x TB-03 Resistance band - black (heavy)
1 x 44-99 Leather practice target
1 x RPF-S - Standard Feder-longsword from Regenyei PEter
1 x RPF-EK - Short Feder-longsword from Regenyei Peter
1 x 33-STRAPWS Elastic strap for masks (new model!)
1 x 38-64 Sabre pommel isolated
1 x 37-633 Crocodile clip for body wire
1 x TB-02 Resistance band - blue (medium)
1 x 45-FA5 KIT FIE Three-Weapon scoring machine with box and battery
1 x 45-FA5 FIE Three-Weapon scoring machine with table stand
2 x 37-63/B El sabre/foil mask cable
1 x 33-STRAP Elastic strap for masks (Old model)
1 x 41-81/AF Foil and sabre guard padding made of felt
1 x EFT1 - Electronic fencing target
1 x TB-01 Resistance band - green (light)
1 x 45-FARB Favero battery
1 x 41-81/A Non electric foil and sabre guard padding
1 x 37-631/G Security clip for epée
1 x 40-WF1 Wireless signalling device (f+e)
1 x 45-FAPS Favero power supply
1 x 45-FA5 2016 Update Chip for old FA-5 devices
1 x 41-81/F Leather pad Finland for foil/sabre
1 x 37-631/H Security clip for foil
1 x 41-81/AE Electric foil and sabre guard padding
1 x RP05 - Trnava Light Feder-longsword from Regenyei Peter
1 x 36-60/A Sabre grip (rubber-bound)
1 x 38-68/B Insulation for electric sabre guard (rubber)
1 x 37-631/F Pin to cable plug, Ø 4 mm.
1 x FA5BOX - Box for FA-5 signalling device
1 x 38-71 Sabre socket
1 x Replacement wheel for JUNIOR rollbags
1 x RPF-PBT - Feder for PBT by Regenyei Peter
1 x 37-631/D Cable plug, 3 pin
1 x 36-60/R Retro Sabre grip
1 x 37-631/E Pin to cable plug, Ø 3 mm.
1 x Power supply for SGGY,SGLS PBT scoring machines
1 x Replacement wheel for mini rollbags
1 x NB-1 Long sword blunt
1 x RP04 - Trnava Simple Feder-longsword from Regenyei Peter
1 x RPL-IV - Longsword IV from Regenyei Peter
1 x 38-72 Sabre socket, bayonet model
1 x 45-FARC Favero FA-5 remote controller
1 x RPL-VII - Longsword VII from Regenyei Peter
1 x 37-634 Wire cable for 37-631/A, -631/B, -632, -632/A meterprice
1 x Replacement wheel for rollbags