23-002/1 Fencing jacket FIE SUPERLIGHT 800N Children

The name says it all: Superlight! It is the lightest most comfortable FIE jacket ever produced! It's like fencing in a T-shirt but when touched one feels almost nothing. Slick, cool feeling single layered material with thin cotton for comfort in the inside. Slightly off white in color. (No inserts, one great material all over.) Elastic groin strap with easy to open buckle. Stretching rubber compound insert at wrist. Inside collar in different colors. Resist tissue tested in FIE and CE laboratory for over 800 Newton force after several washing and drying cycle. Detailed washing and care instructions. Optional name/country print on back and/or country stripes on one or both arms with any countries FIE approved logo are available.

Before you order, please check your size and measure based on the following sizing chart (click to enlarge):

Note that in Balton, mobility is obtained with space. So it’s not as snug as the other models. Thus, the Balaton is about one size LESS than other models. This should also be taken into account when ordering an electric jacket or vest to be worn over a Balaton jacket. The following size must be selected, although for all other models the electric jacket / vest is the same size as the fencing jacket

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