KS02 - Synthetic arming sword

""" Red Dragon Synthetic Sparring Arming Sword Competitions & Sparring – Our range of swords are now standard in 3 of the largest HEMA competitions in the world. They are constantly being adopted for other smaller competitions and tourneys. Drilling & Pell Work – Excellent balance and durability make these swords an ideal training tool. Change parts such as complex hilts make them excellent for a variety of disciplines. Theatre & T.V. – Synthetic swords are safer than steel/aluminium and spray up very easily. The variety of change parts provides the means to make many different styles of sword at a very low cost. Safe Training/Transportation in Public – Society is increasingly cracking down on the carrying of weapons in public places. Our training swords are much more acceptable in public than steel swords. They can also be disassembled very quickly for easy transportation.

Blade Length :86.5cm
Guard Length: 20cm
Grip Length: 11.5cm
Pommel Length: 6.5cm
Hilt Length: 19cm
Total Length: 106.5cm
Total Weight: 682g
POB: 16.5cm
Material: Plastic, Steel, Brass

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