SPES-15 Trinity mask overlay

"Trinity" Integrated Mask Overlay is a technologically advanced product. The front and sides of it refer to hoods used in medieval times. It is the only overlay that is commercially produced with larynx, shoulders and occipital. It fits most of commonly used HEMA masks. A significant element of this overlay is a plastic insertion on the larynx. Additionally, the overlay has quilted shoulders and a movable occipital with plastic plates.

Mask not included.

Sizing: circumference of the mask taken just beside the rubber rim (cm):

S: 71 cm - PBT size 0
M: 74 cm - PBT size 1
L : 77 cm - PBT size 1+
XL: 79 cm - PBT size 2

The way of taking the mask circumference measurement for proper overlay size is shown on the pictures. Circumference should be measured just beside the rubber rim.

The helmet hood is and should be tight. Installation may seem impossible unless you start from the right direction. The hood is placed upright against the floor and the helmet is fitted in place. It is then pulled from the sides alternately, and the jaw settles in place last. Gloves may be needed to protect your fingers.

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